ひとりでのんびり読書とワイン。よく晴れた休日、日差しの中のビール。ドーナツとコーヒーのテイクアウトも楽しい。西日の時間、ブラインド越しに斜めに入る光と影。雨に濡れた葉々を眺めつつ飲むコーヒーとボブ ディラン。(なぜか雨にはボブディランがよく似合うような気がする)まわりには何もない住宅地の中、照明を落としキャンドルを灯した、樹々に囲まれそっと佇む夜のBird。どんな季節、時間でもドアを開けて入ると、誰もがほっとできる場所でありたいと思っています。

Bird opened on December 14th, 2009.

Bird is the cafe that Tokuhiko Kise and Hiromi Karatsu created when they moved from their old workspace in Tamatsukuri, Osaka, where they first started TRUCK Furniture, to Shinmori in Asahi Ward.
From the very beginning of TRUCK, they wanted a space for people who came to their shop to be able to sit down for a while. Then they thought, “What if it also had delicious doughnuts and coffee…?” And so the idea for Bird came about. We make furniture that we ourselves would want to buy, not what we think is trendy. We believe in plainness and not necessarily making things that stand out, but making things that you can use for a long time. When we thought about creating Bird, a completely different business than making and selling furniture, we figured that the principle was the same.
Good food, good coffee, good tea, good beer and wine, and of course, good doughnuts. We wanted to eat and drink those things so we were going to make them. That was our principle idea. But maybe we were a bit biased about our choices.
In a way, we think that because we really like what we make, we can say to someone with confidence, “It’s good, isn’t it?” There’s no hidden meaning in that. It’s our honest feeling. And that feeling is the same for Bird as it has been for TRUCK. We think it’s especially important to have an open space where we can be happy.

When you first enter the store through the entrance under the trees, you can see our big trees through the large windows. Even the birds come for a bite to eat – you can see them munching on seeds from the nettle tree.Everything used at Bird, from the plates to the coffee cups, was tested and remade many times.
The tables and chairs are also TRUCK products so that While drinking coffee, you can also test out the furniture. As the green of the leaves on the trees turns to red and they fall to the ground with the coming of winter, we light our wood burning stove that sits by the entrance. It burns the scrap wood from our workshop across the road, which is mostly sturdy, dried oak that before we had no choice but to throw away but now have put to use as fuel. We didn’t just buy it for decoration. It adds warmth and ambience to the cafe, and that alone makes us happy.

Come alone to read a book with wine. Enjoy a beer on a sunny day off in the light of the sun. In the afternoon, the light of the setting sun casts slanted shadows through the blinds.
As you watch the rain drip off the leaves outside, sip on a cup of coffee and listen to Bob Dylan (for some reason we think that Bob Dylan and rainy days go well together).
At night, in the middle of a quiet neighborhood where nothing is going on, the lights are dimmed out and the candles are lit inside Bird, our cafe under the trees.
We think that no matter what season or what time of the day it is, when you open the door and come in, you’re in a place where you can feel at ease.

Bird opened on December 14th, 2009.