Salisbury Steak ハンバーグ

Salisbury Steakハンバーグ


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Salisbury Steak

Salisbury Steakハンバーグ

Kentaro used to make us his special “hamburg,” a Japanese dish similar to Salisbury steak that we enjoyed countless times on our many trips together and at our homes in Osaka. It was made from a recipe passed down to him from his mother Katsuyo Kobayashi, a famous celebrity chef. Whenever Kentaro was with Hiromi and I, he liked to mess with the recipe, trying to make the hamburg as big as he could. Everytime he made it, the hamburger got bigger and so did our excitement. It always tasted excellent.
When it came to making the Bird version of it, Kentaro was relentless in his experimentation. He thought that the more he made it the closer he would get to creating the perfect recipe. Every day was hamburg. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner – hamburg. Day or night, dusk or dawn – hamburg. He was constantly cooking and eating it, and sometimes went out to hamburg restaurants to try their versions. Then one day, we got a call.

“I got it! I finally figured it out! Our hamburg is ready! It’s full of love!”
Until that time, Kentaro had resisted the pressure to open a restaurant serving his own creations. That’s why when he got involved in creating Bird, he poured all of his love and devotion into it.

-“TRUCK nest” 2012