Bird Rice バードライス

Bird Riceバードライス



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Bird Rice

Bird Riceバードライス

When we relocated to Asahi Ward with our newly-built TRUCK store, no matter what, we wanted a place for customers who came to be able to take a break and enjoy a coffee.
I decided that if I was going to do it, I wanted to do it properly. I abandoned the idea of setting aside a corner of the shop and set about planning a proper cafe. In addition to coffee and doughnuts, we would have good food, good beer and good wine. Although I knew nothing about the restaurant business, I was fortunate to have the assistance of my friend Kentaro, who was eager to help. He had been approached many times to set up or collaborate on a restaurant, but had so far been reluctant. To have his help was an enormous advantage.

At the first Bird meeting, Kentaro and I discussed the menu. I was pretty sure that I wanted it to be mainly western food. I had no desire to serve anything like a traditional Japanese set lunch with rice and miso soup. Kentaro thought people might also like to have rice, but I was reluctant to consider it. As we talked, it was nearing lunchtime. Kentaro went to our kitchen and started preparing lunch using whatever ingredients he could find in our fridge and cupboards. What he came up with was some variously seasoned vegetables and meat served on the same plate with white rice. "See," he said "rice can look like this, too." And so Bird Rice was born.

-“TRUCK nest” 2012