生瀬ヒュッテ(元、ブランジュリ タケウチ)のタケウチさんが、20年継いだ天然酵母で水分をたっぷり含ませて長時間発酵させ、こだわりの石窯で焼くBird特注のカンパーニュ。

Takeuchi’s Country Bread

Bird’s custom-made pain de campagne sourdough bread is straight from the special stone oven of famous baker Takeuchi, owner of Namaze Hutte in Nishinomiya. Its unique yeast comes from a batch that has been cultured for over twenty years and that has a high moisture content. It is fermented in the dough over a long period, resulting in a crust that is crisp and crunchy and opens to a soft, doughy inside. It’s even more delicious when eaten with a dab of Bird’s homemade salted butter on top. After one bite of this one-of-a-kind bread, we’re positive you’ll be back for more.