”気分はイタリア人”のシェフ、BENちゃんが仕込むスモーキーな自家製ベーコンを使ったカルボナーラ。炭火でジューシーに焼き上げたスコッチステーキや薩摩茶美豚。オープン当初からの看板メニュー、”Bird Classic”ケンタロウのハンバーグは今日もごろんと迫力の大きさです。

Not “Afternoon Bird,”
but the more mature, grown-up,
“Night Bird.”

In the late afternoon after the sun has set, and it slowly gets darker and darker, you can see Bird peeking out from the cover of its surrounding trees, its dimmed lights and candles glowing in the quiet calm of the neighbourhood. It isn’t “Afternoon Bird,” but rather, it is the more mature, “Night Bird.” There is no room for excuses at this hour – it is time to drink, whether it be a good beer or wine. (But of course you don’t need an excuse to drink in the afternoon either…)
First, have a glass of one of our signature drinks, like Bass Pale Ale or Lowenbrau, both carefully poured. The head is especially frothy.
Enjoy a glass of wine with our prosciutto or a different appetizer. Or with Takeuchi’s Country Bread.
If you’re in the mood to eat a lot of vegetables, then try the Noosa Salad. If you want to feel like you’re enjoying a meal outdoors by a campfire or something like that, then perhaps you’d enjoy one of our cast-iron skillet dishes.

Or the carbonara pasta with smoky homemade bacon prepared by our chef Ben-chan, who often says of himself, “I feel like an Italian!”
What about a dish made on our charcoal grill, like the Scotch Steak or Satsuma Chamiton Pork Chuck Roast?
Or just maybe you’d like one of our signature dishes from the very beginning, “Bird Classic” Kentaro’s Salisbury Steak, with its still impressive size.
And of course, you could pick one of the daily selections from the menu on the blackboard.

If you only know “Afternoon Bird,” you should definitely come experience “Night Bird.” The time that passes here at night is unlike that of the busy, lively afternoon.